The dozens of foreign artists who bring the best of themselves, are accomodated in host families.  

Each host family takes a couple of artists in house. If a family wants to take in more than two artists, this is alway their choice.  

The dancers and musicians arrive on Wednesday and leave the Wednesday after, so they stay a full week with your family. On Monday, there are no performances sceduled. Everyone gets a day of rest and can fraternize with their host families.  

As a host family you are responsible for the transport to and from the festival, the necessary lunches and hot meals, and the love of a warm home.  

Sometimes this starts by trial and error, and communication is not always evident. But taking the world into your home is worth it. The friendship you will get in return, will quickly let you forget a maybe bumpy start and wonderful memories will remain! 

Below you can find some testimonials from a couple of our host families.  

Are you interested in becomming a host family or do you want some extra information? Contact gastfamilies@wereldfestival.be .

Being a host family...
It's like travelling in your own home,
with travel companions you do not yet know.
You open up your home and your heart,
hope that it will turn out better than expected.
It is quite tense and quite a challenge,
but the tension usually disappears after a first meeting,
the search for a similar language
quickly turns into a mutually juicy story.
Cultural differences are discussed at the table
and there appears the delicious cake as a dessert.
Experiencing Wereldfestival intensely from the front row,
that really makes a person intensely happy!
You discover that we humans, if we dare to open our hearts,
we can live together and everyone can count as a host family.
You really enjoy a whole week of everything and everyone,
even though you may be baking delicious Belgian fries for your guest for the third time this week!

Veronique & Kurt