die boose

die boose

Folk art group die boose already exists since 1956 and represents Izegem, and by extension Flanders, on numerous venues in Belgium and abroad. It is this group that stand at the basis of Wereldfestival; die boose founded Wereldfestial.

The group consists out of several different entities, each with its own contribution to the festival.

The dancers represent different subgroups; the children and youth group, the adult group and the veterans. From 3 to +70, everyone is welcome to put his/her best moves on the dancefloor.

The group is accompanied by it own Orchestra.

Typical for Flemish folklore is Flag throwing. Die boose has a thriving group of flag throwers who als occur in seperate performances in for examples processions.

Last but not least is the four-voice mixed choir, which takes office in the category ‘excellence’.