In 1956, the adult folk dance group was established as the first subgroup. Besides traditional exchanges with Izegem’s partner towns and their folk dance groups, the group performed hundreds of times at home and abroad. They participated in various festivals in Belgium, Germany, France, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria and Brazil.

The dance group can perform a diverse programme of traditional and their own newly created folk dances, whether on stage, street performance or in procession. Each performance is done with live orchestra. The experienced and seasoned dance management always tries to make the programme challenging and innovative for the dancers, always focused on performing in front of an audience. Ballroom dances are also part of the repertoire and can be learned through an adapted initiation.

Die Boose also includes a youth programme (children and young people) and a senior citizens’ programme. 


Vendelling is all about agility, strength and agility. From the age of 16, men can become proficient in waving and throwing the flag. This is a flagpole with flag and counterweight.

All flag numbers are of their own creation and are mainly performed to the accompaniment of a drummer. Occasionally, they are given to folk music. Pendulum performances can take place on a stage indoors (provided there is sufficient ceiling height) and outdoors. Flags are also often waved at processions. Pendulum initiations are also part of our offer.


Under the impetus of Herman Roelstraete, the choir “Die Boose” was founded in 1961. In addition, the choir mainly sang adaptations of Flemish folksongs. Through numerous tours and exchanges with foreign groups, an international choir repertoire was built up. 


The orchestra plays for the various dance groups at the respective rehearsal times and accompanies them on various performances at home and abroad.

Rehearsals are carried out according to the performances. The programme is mainly in line with the dances performed at performances and balls, but is also supplemented by the orchestra’s own repertoire.