Wereldfestival Izegem

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Wereldfestival Izegem


Wereldfestival Izegem treats you to a free performance at Cultuurcafé De Leest on Tuesday evening April 23th, a taste of the 26th edition of the festival taking place from July 4th until July 9th 

The Argentinian tangoband Milonga Sin Corte was created in the city of Córdoba. Their repertoire includes a wide range of tangos from yesteryears and today, as well as original compositions. A guitarist, a singer with a magnificent sound and a genius violinist start their second European tour, and Izegem is included!

Come down and enjoy a piece of world music!


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Wereldfestival Izegem, amazingly different! 

Forget about what you think to know about folk art. It‘s so much more than you can imagine. Be amazed at our biennial festival by other cultures from all over the world. 

Come and experience a number of unique performances in which numerous international artists passionately bring dance and music. The online pre-sale starts on April 15th 2019. In addition to this, do not forget to enjoy the free performances, workshops and children’s entertainment on the festival site. 

Dance groups from all over the world

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