Ama Zebra Dance Group

Ama Zebra Dance Group

Ntuzuma (Durban) - ZA

Ama Zebra is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, more specifically they originate from the city of Durban.

Durban was cited fot he first time in history on Christmas day 1497 when Vasco Da Gama put foot on land there on his trip to India. Therefor it was named Natal. In the 19th century the British colonists gave the city a new name, Durban. The Dutch pioneers are also not unprecedented. Finally came the Indians South-Africa.

In the 20th century the city was was split into a coloured and white part by racial segregation until the end of Apartheid.

This group, which finished third in 2017 South-Africa’s Got Talent, brings traditional Zulu dances with a modern twist. Traditionnaly these dances are performed at transitional rites, celebrations and festivities. They are characterized by rhythmic leg- and footwork as well as smooth hip movements.