Flor Ribeirinha

Flor Ribeirinha

Ciuabá - Mato Grosso - BR

Ritual dance, traditional and religious festivals, Carnival… In short 1 big Brazilian party.

Color, rhythm and joy brought to you by the most talented artists from Ciuabá. An encounter with life without moderation, both in terms of generosity as atmosphere.

Ciuabá is the capital of the region Mato Grosso, a region with very diverse nature, despite the threat of deforestation. Their name Flore Ribeirinha, or flower of the river, is therefore applicable.

The city was only colonized in the 17th century. The rest of the region remained inhabed by the Coxiponés, the traditional indigenous population. This influence of traditions is visible in their repertoire of traditonal dances, such as the Siriri, and the exciting rhythm of the Amerindian music.